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Maiê is a name inspired by the Greek expression Socratic Maieutics, which in turn means “giving birth” to knowledge (Greek, μαιευτικη – maieutike , meaning “art of giving birth”).

It is a method which assumes that truth is latent in every human being and can emerge gradually in the means that it answers a series of simple questions, almost naive, but insightful.

Maiê is a free school which attempts to connect youth and the future.We offer contemporary, innovative and creative solutions to facilitate any person in Youth Mode to achieve his or her academic, professional and/or personal ambition.

We want to be the key which will unlock paths towards desirable futures through courses, mentoring, online platforms and specialized services. You don’t need to be in college, listen to Red Hot Chilli Peppers or wear Converse to be in Youth Mode.

Engaged with newness, critical with the past, versatile, resilient, adaptable, down with groups and free. This is Youth Mode.

Personas are interesting people, entrepreneurs or successful professionals who will share their experiences and contribute to the  personal and professional growth of students as well as support them with their projects.

Arthur Rodrigues

Head Developer


Miguel Oliveira

Head Developer


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